Kantronics TNCs set of three manuals. This covered the KPC-1, KPC-2, KPC-4, KPC-2400 and KAM models.

Installation Manual: 

KAM_KPC1-2-4-2400_installations_manual.pdf KAM_KPC1-2-4-2400_installations_manual.pdf
Size : 1.837 Kb
Type : pdf

Operations Manual: 

KAM_KPC1-2-4-2400_operations_manual.pdf KAM_KPC1-2-4-2400_operations_manual.pdf
Size : 2.648 Kb
Type : pdf

Commands Manual: 

KAM_KPC1-2-4-2400_commands_manual.pdf KAM_KPC1-2-4-2400_commands_manual.pdf
Size : 2.514 Kb
Type : pdf

PACTOR Update Manuals. Version 6.0 Introduced PACTOR, 6.1 fixed the bugs. 

KAM Firmware upgrades.
V5.0  adds mailbox access via AMTOR
V6.1  adds PACTOR with mailbox access.


If upgrading from a version earlier than V5.0 you will need to upgrade
the EEPROM at U25. This must be replaced by a 24C16.

If your present firmware is below V2.8 then you need to carry out a minor
PCB modification:

        With the front of the unit facing you, locate the printed circuit
        pads marked X to the left of the largest IC (the processor). You'll
        see 3 pads (holes) with a "1" and "2" printed between them.
        With a sharp blade, cut the trace jumper marked "1" and install
        a jumper between pads at "2". Be careful to use a low-heat iron.
        It is recommended that you place the jumper on the back of the

After replacing the firmware, carry out a hard reset as described
in the instruction manual.

PACTOR Manual for V6.0: 

KAM_pactor_manual.pdf KAM_pactor_manual.pdf
Size : 0.553 Kb
Type : pdf

PACTOR Addendum for V6.1 

Pactor_addendum_for_kam.pdf Pactor_addendum_for_kam.pdf
Size : 0.29 Kb
Type : pdf
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