The KAM Plus was introduced to improve on the original hardware platform and add more features to the KAM. If you already owned a KAM you could fit the Enhancement Board to gain the new software features.

A dedicated manual was produced rather than sharing with other TNCs in the range.

Getting Started - quick start manual: 

KAM_plus_getting_started.pdf KAM_plus_getting_started.pdf
Size : 0.857 Kb
Type : pdf

Reference Manual: 

KAM_Plus_reference.pdf KAM_Plus_reference.pdf
Size : 3.089 Kb
Type : pdf

Schematic diagram in PNG format: 

sch_kam_plus.png sch_kam_plus.png
Size : 0.211 Kb
Type : png

Version 8.0 update: 

Version 8.2 update: 

KantronicsROM82Addendum.pdf KantronicsROM82Addendum.pdf
Size : 1.421 Kb
Type : pdf
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